Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Breastfeeding Month!

When I learned that I was pregnant, I armed myself with pregnant and mommy do’s and don’ts by reading articles in the net, personal encounters of n@wies, stories from blogs, etc. Through those stories, I was able to psych myself to breastfeed. I was really keen on breastfeeding our child, that I bought an electric breastpump even though it was way out of budget. Hehe!

I was not able to direct feed our son right after giving birth because I have inverted nipples and no milk was coming out then. So we had to give him formula. So I was psyched to breastfeed but I was not confident enough (lalo na to breastfeed in the mall, etc). Haha! I think a week after giving birth, I was crying when my son latches. The pain was really excruciating that I wanted to throw my son every time…and not only did I experience cracked nipples but my gosh, when my breasts were engorged…it was really ouchy! Ahuhuhu!

Thinking about it now, a year and 8 months of breastfeeding my son, I cannot recall why I chose to breastfeed or to stick with it. That even though my son was mixed fed ever since, I did not give up totally. I tell you, it was not easy, it was such a hassle, and it was painful! Hassle because when I was still working, I had to bring a lot of stuff in the office. My officemates often tell me that I am like an Avon Lady! And daming bitbit palagi! Also, I did not only feel physical pain but I was also emotionally hurting ha. Naaawa na nga ako sa sarili ko…tapos makakarinig pa ako na “gutom pa ata, tubig lang naman yan” Huwatt??

But after all those not-so-nice-memories I have experienced, if I will be given a chance to go back to the time that I gave birth, I will DEFINITELY still breastfeed my son! Siguro baka fully breastfed na sya! =) If you ask me why, I really do not know. I know I am giving my son the ultimate (sa aking pananaw lang po) nutrients , I know super nakatipid kami, I know the bonding time we are having is irreplaceable…pero it is beyond that that I cannot fully explain. Basta I know I am doing the right thing and I am happy. Period. =)

To those who have breastfed and are breastfeeding, kudos to you! =) To the soon-to-be-moms, please please try your best to breastfeed. There are a lot of breastfeeding resources in the internet, a number of lactation consultants here in the Philippines, and helpful mommies from n@w. And please do not mind the sakit...the sakit will not be even equal to 1% of labor pains or CS pains! =)

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