Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy 21 months!

yes, we still buy a cake every 16th of the month! =p

Antonio's milestones:
  • Can say:
    • “see you!”
    • “hayu” for where are you?,
    • Nana for his Ninang Anna
    • Rose for his Ate Rose
    • Cog for dog
    • kult for yakult
    • kok for cold or Coke
    • No (when Diego or Dora is asking – Is this the __? He will answer No)
    • crok for cockroach
    • Down
  • My sister in law informed us that Antonio said “its okay” one time, though we have not heard it again.
  • Knows where his shoulders are
  • Knows the following shapes – circle, square, triangle
  • When you say make a circle, his arms will do a circular motion
  • Knows the actions for hammer, saw
  • He knows slow footsteps and fast footsteps
  • Hums a few notes of the Backyardigans theme song
  • Loves to play with his buckets as if they are drums

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