Monday, August 9, 2010

Spa Experience

Ever since we became "us", we have been to 5 different spas pa lang. First was in Nurture Spa in Tagaytay. We celebrated our first anniversary there last August 8, 2005 =) The massage was heavenly! Among the spas that we have tried, this tops the list! =) Super sarap!

Our second spa experience was in Suriya Spa at Crowne Plaza Hotel, the day before our wedding. Okay din. We really needed that para relaxed kami when we walk down the aisle. Haha! Third was in El Nido during our honeymoon, which was 2 weeks after our wedding! We enjoyed the massage but maybe because of the ambiance...kasi naman by the beach! =)

Fourth was in Island Spa at Jupiter Street, Makati. Okay sana yung massage but the masahistas were madaldal all through out! Haha! And may tv sa loob ng room, and Wowowee was on. Haha! Labo! Buti na lang mura! =) Then the fifth one was at the Spa in Fort. We went there last Feb 2008 to celebrate our first V-day as husband and wife...after that, nabuntis na ako! =) Siguro yun lang ang kailangan! =) Anyway, the massage was okay din naman...pero nothing extraordinary! I cannot remember it na nga e! Haha!

My husband and I rarely go out on dates, I decided to treat him to a spa and dinner. Since we were celebrating our 6th anniversary as bf/gf on Aug 8, we went to Ahavia Spa a day before that.

I am not sure when Ahavia Spa opened. But when we started living (*again for my husband since he was a resident of San Juan since he was in elementary) here in San Juan in 2008, Ahavia is there already. And it is only now that we have tried their services. Hehe! To think it is just a minute drive from where we are currently living.

We tried the Ahavia Signature Massage as recommended by my sister in law. And it did not disappoint. For its price, it was really worth it. My husband and I are thinking of going back, maybe every other month just to de-stress! It would be nicer if every month, but we should be in tipid-mode! =D

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